Work Clos19


a superbrand

on social

The brief

How do you launch a superbrand online? A superbrand that rarely sells direct to customer and certainly has never sold through an eCommerce website.

Our approach

We established that Clos19 needed to become a known brand in the run-up to Christmas, so we developed a highly targeted Paid Social campaign.

We combined Paid Social data with internal customer data to form an accurate view of our target audience - and then brought together multiple data sources including audience suggestion tools, DoubleClick and qualitative research.

This audience view was then validated by campaign data and used across Clos19 to inform both online and offline activity.

We developed a system that allowed us to develop on-brand creative quickly (no easy task when working with a superbrand!) A careful combination of different ad formats encouraged our target market to move from brand awareness to conversion.

The results

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