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No Mickey Mouse



The brief

Our PPC strategy had delivered significant returns for Attraction Tickets Direct (ATD). We therefore focused our efforts on growing demand for Orlando Theme Park holidays through programmatic advertising.

Our approach

This is a story of simplicity winning over complexity.

ATD was using a significant amount of 3rd party tech to ‘help’ manage and optimise programmatic campaigns. Our approach was to strip away 90% of what had been put in place, to significantly reduce complexity and of course cost.

This immediately increased reach. What was being invested in layers of technology was now being spent on media.

We used in-market audience segments within DoubleClick to find key audiences, and then developed a unique time-decay model to inform attribution more accurately.

We assisted the client in building HTML5 ads in-house, with key messaging that was informed by PPC learnings.

We trafficked ads in-house to respond at speed to client and market demand.

The results


“It’s a real pleasure working with Journey Further, they’re always very responsive, hands on and transparent on every level.”

Summa Barton, Marketing Manager

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