Airtasker 1

Launching a

multi-million dollar

start-up in the UK

The brief

Airtasker is a community platform that connects people who need to outsource tasks with people who are ready to work.

With 1.8m users in Australia and $33m AUD in funding, the Airtasker team set their sights on the UK.

The challenge was to deliver rapid growth from a standing start, achieving critical mass at speed within strict user acquisition targets.

Airtasker was ready to help us Brits Get More Done.

Our approach

We profiled users of similar apps to create our initial prospecting audiences, with Paid Social laying the foundations of our brand awareness activity, all designed to educate the market about this new service.

London first, but where next? We built a granular and expansive PPC structure so we could learn fast and expand to new cities in an instant.

We retargeted on YouTube to further explain prospects how the service works and to reinforce the brand.

We kept an eye out for ‘Awesome Tasks’ and PRed the hell out of them. Yorkshire Pudding Taster, anyone? Sounds like a pretty dream job.

We employed a trading mentality, reviewing numbers daily and moving budgets fluidly across channels to maximise performance.

We even helped Airtasker boost their site speed. Quality Score increased. CPC dropped. Winner.

The results


“After pitching against the UK’s biggest and most established agencies, the Journey Further team has been an invaluable extension of our small London office and a big part of our success is due to their support.”

Lucas London, Managing Director (UK)

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