Case Study
White Stuff

Finding their audience

A woman listening to music

Client challenge

To grow as a category leader in an increasingly competitive market.





We utilised 1st party data and business intelligence to ignite our Paid Media strategy.

It was clear that White Stuff’s approach to Paid Search adhered to Google best practice but didn’t provide the business with the controls they needed to maximise return. We therefore restructured their account. Our granular approach gave the business the ability to push media investment for products with sales shortfalls and pull back where product demand was already high.


Our use of mosaic profiling ensured that White Stuff could optimise towards specific customer segments.

We leveraged real-time point of purchase customer data to distinguish between new and existing customers. This approach allowed the business to optimise towards new customers and away from existing (who’s incrementality was limited).

Due to the success of our approach, our remit expanded to include Paid Social, CRO and SEO.

We knew that we needed to target a younger demographic and utilised Paid Social to address this key business issue. Our creative team worked directly with the White Stuff brand team and leveraged proprietary tech to optimise performance. For example ‘Creative Intelligence’ allowed the business to pinpoint which elements (from copy to images to colours) resonated with a younger demographic.

  • White Stuff advert with a woman wearing one of their new sweatshirts
  • White Stuff advert with a woman wearing one of their new coats
  • White stuff advert with a woman sitting in their new knitwear
  • White Stuff advert for their new tops and tees
  • White stuff advert with a woman in a jumper and dungarees


  • 1000 %
    Improvement in brand favorability following ad exposure from 0.8% to 8.8% across their core audience age range
  • 4 x
    More core target customers reached through social media
  • 35 %
    Increase in new online customers