Case Study
St. Moriz

A new revenue stream from an untapped channel

Client challenge

St. Moriz operates in a highly saturated self-tan market, but to meet growth goals, it was clear it needed to increase brand awareness on a global scale.

Whilst the brand has a strong proposition, it needed a campaign to cut through and make waves within its competitor set – a campaign that would help shake off the vanity attached to self-tan whilst retaining engagement and relevance with its audience.


We took an audience-first approach to discover key insights into each of the core customer segments. These insights enabled us to understand how they engage with beauty products and the media they consume.

This informed our overarching strategy for the campaign, which revolved around the sub-proposition, ‘Ready to Glow’. The aim? To empower individuals to be themselves and inspire them to do whatever makes them feel confident, concurrently shaking off the vanity attached to self-tan. 

The audience insight highlighted that social was our golden ticket to reaching our Gen Z and Millennial audiences. We crafted a creator campaign, carefully selecting the creators who would resonate most with our audience and the type of content they want to see; inspirational but real. To build trust, we also hand-selected genuine customers to be part of the campaign. All creator and UGC content was supported by paid activity to amplify reach. 

We worked cross-channel with our creative studio to plan everything from pre to post production, selecting venues, sourcing models, styling, photography and video to create the perfect suite of assets for the campaign. These were used across all brand channels, including owned and earned channels to ensure consistency across all mediums. 

In addition, our Digital PR team worked with St Moriz’s brand PR team to create a series of press collateral and creative sample packs aligned to the campaign messaging to secure coverage in target media titles. The creators and their campaign shots were utilised for media interviews to communicate our Made of More key messages in a genuine and authentic way, with everything laddering back to the ‘ready to glow’ campaign. 

The campaign was then tailored and activated across three markets; UK, US and Germany. 



  • 952 %
    Record-breaking TikTok sales increase
  • 122 %
    Increase in Meta CTR
  • 86 %
    Uplift in website traffic
  • 23 M
  • 19
    Creator partnerships across three markets (UK, US and DE)