Case Study

Reducing a Sky high phone bill

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Client challenge

With 23 million customers across seven countries, large numbers of customer service calls proved very costly for Sky.





Our research showed that 90% of queries could be resolved online, delivering a better customer experience at lower cost.

Straying from its traditional use as an acquisition channel, the idea was to use PPC to capture customer queries and answer them through personalised onsite content, decreasing the number of phone calls to customer service numbers.

We expanded the keyword structure to cover all Sky products and related queries, and grouped audiences based on product ownership, tenure and recent onsite activity. This allowed for personalisation of both ad copy and landing page content to match the issue being searched for.

We ensured customers with accessibility requirements and those who would be unable to solve their issue without speaking to a human were grouped together, and were instructed to make a call.

Insight from both the paid search activity and call centre conversations drove the ongoing optimisation of onsite content for effective query resolution and organic search visibility.


  • £ 7 M
    Saving in 12 months
    (the cost of a small call centre)
  • 47 %
    Increase in CTR for customer service content
  • 43 %
    Drop in broadband-related calls
Working with Journey Further has been an absolute pleasure – and we could not have hoped for better results. A huge benefit of having direct access to analysts means we’ve always been kept in the loop and up to date on all aspects of the campaign.
Abdul Mullick, Head of Digital Transformation at Sky