Case Study

Shoring up Safestyle’s strategy

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Client challenge

To grow as a category leader in an increasingly competitive market.





We analysed Safestyle customer journeys on and offline looking at channel, on-site and sales rep. engagement. It was clear that this journey was fragmented. For example, the business didn’t have a Paid Media strategy that optimised towards the right business metrics and as a result they had no ability to feed regional sales hubs with quality leads.

The decision was therefore made to restructure Safestyle’s Paid Media account. Our location based segmentation could then allow us to flex spend in line with the requirements of specific sales teams across the country.

We moved the account away from SA360 so that we could utilise improved versions of Google’s Smart Bidding technology. In addition our customer journey research allowed us to move our point of optimisation further down the funnel, optimising towards a qualified lead.

Machine learning allowed us to train models to identify which leads were most likely to become qualified and which weren’t. We used these learnings to adjust our media strategy bidding, in real-time, user by user.


  • 10 %
    Improvement in lead quality
  • 27 %
    Improvement in qualified lead volume
  • 10 %
    Reduction in cost
The team at Journey Further truly exceeded our expectations in restructuring our Paid Media strategy. Their expertise in location-based segmentation and utilising the latest technology allowed us to flexibly allocate our spend to specific sales teams, resulting in a significant improvement in lead quality and volume, as well as a reduction in cost. We couldn’t be happier with the results and highly recommend them to any business looking to take their Paid Media efforts to the next level.
Adam Pawson, Safestyle Marketing Director