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The brief

MYA worked with one of the largest digital media agencies in the land but felt they were being kept in the dark on all matters PPC and Programmatic. They lacked insight into performance and commercial impact, so results faltered. They were deeply frustrated.

Our approach

We delivered clarity at speed, introducing real-time, holistic reporting across PPC and Programmatic.

We didn’t stop there and incorporated TV and SEO data into our reporting too.

We linked channel performance to business performance, tracking enquiries all the way from bookings to attends.

We guaranteed complete programmatic transparency, showing where programmatic media spend is actually invested.

We developed a unique time decay attribution model, giving post-view a realistic value.

The results


“Journey Further invested time getting to know our business, and the impact was immediate and game changing. They share our entrepreneurial spirit and drive, which is evident in how they work and the results we achieve together.”

Miles Bentley, Marketing Director

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