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The brief

Sugar free? Not the first thing that springs to mind when you’re craving a biscuit…

Maryland needed to align PR, programmatic and paid social to drive mass awareness of their new Sugar Free cookie and deliver an immediate surge in new customer sales.

It was time to win cookie lovers round to a healthier alternative.

Our approach

We needed all channels to work together to achieve cut-through, so we started by using social and programmatic data to profile regular Tesco and Sainsbury’s shoppers and health conscious mums.

Piggybacking onto #SugarFreeFebruary, PR laid the foundations for the launch with high profile product placement coverage secured.

We targeted the URLs of online coverage with display ads, surrounding editorial content with Maryland’s key messages to encourage users to buy online.

We sent a group of micro-influencers a blind taste test with the task of filming a video response, content which we promoted across Maryland’s own social channels.

It was crucial to get the product into the hands of the public, so we took to the streets to record vox pops and treated office workers to sugar free tea breaks.

To prove ROI, we launched a brand uplift study on YouTube to understand whether our advertising was leaving a lasting memory.

The results


“The Maryland Sugar Free launch was our first brief to Journey Further. The team responded with agility and speed to recommend and implement a targeted social and PR plan to maximise reach at launch with impressive results.

The campaign has successfully resulted in raising awareness and driving sales of Maryland Sugar Free with 25+ females."

Kate Needham, Marketing & Insights Director

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