Case Study
Lily’s Kitchen

Brand meets performance

Client challenge

The pet ownership category is a broad and saturated market, with many brands widely available at a competitive price point. Natural premium pet food supplier Lily’s Kitchen wanted to increase brand awareness with a view to increasing its addressable audience before its key D2C online retail event, Black Friday.

One of the most exciting parts of the challenge was the desire to run this campaign without the use of media pixels which help inform targeting, bidding and measurement of the campaigns. At a time when new ways of measuring effective campaigns is a core challenge for the industry, this offered a fantastic opportunity to get creative and explore – bringing together the best of brand building tactics with the future of successful performance measurement.

“I loved working with Tom and the team on this campaign. As is always the case with our experience of Journey Further, day to day management of the activity and regular reporting was insightful and focused on the objectives of the campaign. So we were able to refine the activity throughout and drive the best return on our investment, in line with campaign objectives.”
Jess Malone, Performance Marketing Manager, Lily’s Kitchen


To boost brand awareness and reach Lily’s Kitchen’s target audience, we proposed a fully integrated media campaign that is grounded in data across online video, display, audio, and CTV.

With the absence of media pixels we used trusted cookieless data sets to understand demographics (age, gender, income and family status) and pet ownership across the UK, compare to the national average and target over indexing households to find our audience at scale without the use of cookies.

But with no pixels on site, we couldn’t optimise the media towards an on site action or conversion point, so we hypothesised that with impactful creative, we could optimise towards attention (attentive seconds per 1,000 impressions). We used attention as a proxy for performance and used this as the primary goal, optimising our campaigns towards this.

Leveraging TGI, we conducted rigorous audience planning to drill down into Lily’s Kitchen’s target audience. We looked at the audience demographics, media consumption and behavioural patterns to ensure we used the right messages and visuals to engage the target audience. This research ultimately informed the media laydown and creative strategy to reach this audience.

Drilling down further, our research found that these audiences over-indexed for digital channels, particularly audio and streaming TV, and were more likely to read online news and lifestyle publications. As a result, we planned our budget across programmatic DSPs, digital audio (Spotify), CTV and Netflix.


  • Multiple formats were used across spotify to build frequency for greater effectiveness
  • In-banner video units which use the same streaming technology as Netflix to deliver video content in the ad, reducing the file size to allow for less carbon emissions – key to Lily’s Kitchen’s ethical credentials as a B Corp – optimised towards attention
  • Interactive display and video units optimised to maximise attention with several interactive elements, additional branding and Lily’s Kitchen’s trademark  colour palette all being underpinned with Scope3 Carbon footprint measurement
  • CTV/Netflix 30s non-skippable ads to aid rich storytelling across the creative pillars


We mapped investment in line with seasonal market trends, priming the audience before the busy retail period Black Friday. Based on our audiences’ personal traits and aspirations, we defined the core creative pillars for the campaign. These became the base for the entire activation in line with Lily’s Kitchen’s key brand slogan, “proper food for pets”.

We used publisher first-party data to reach our core pet owner audiences, as well as contextual targeting alongside pet related content. We hosted a creative workshop with the client and key media partners and delivered a suite of eight interactive display and video units.

Using Spotify’s unique first-party data set, we were able to better understand our audience through their listening habits and playlists and produce four audio creatives and supplementary display assets to run across their audio inventory.

We also produced a series of videos for activation across Netflix, CTV, In banner video and online video channels.

Attention optimisation was key for both media and creatives, using this as the primary measure of performance we were able to see significant performance lifts across the funnel, translating into strong year on year growth.

“Journey Further were an excellent partner in this activity. The team got to grips with our brand quickly and pulled together a campaign strategy that showed they understood our needs completely. As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding, and the campaign drove fantastic results. We’re continuing activity with the team in 2024 as a result.”
Pablo Lalor, Head of Ecommerce, Lily’s Kitchen

Campaign results

  • + 15 %
    Lift in brand awareness
  • + 44 %
    Increase when attention was optimised
  • + 18 %
    Recall and favourability
  • + 23 %
    Increase in purchase intent
  • + 8 %
    Unprompted brand awareness

Overall results

  • + 13 %
    Overall revenue increase YoY
  • + 22 %
    Increase in new customer acquisition YoY