Case Study
Liberty London

Hidden gems within Google Shopping

Client challenge

Despite having a Shopping feed of tens of thousands of active products, the iconic British retailer, Liberty London, was struggling to see growth on Google Shopping activity.




Analysis uncovered that almost half of the items in Liberty’s shopping feed had received zero impressions over a 90 day period, creating a large reliance on a small set of products for revenue generation. Resolving the feed diversification issue was a key opportunity in overcoming the profitable growth challenge.

Journey Further developed a bespoke solution to combat the above challenge. By applying custom rules in the shopping feed to categorise “invisible products”. New campaigns were then created to target these invisible products, with the set-up designed to give full flexibility to serve and gather data before allowing Google’s algorithms to re-take control. Budget caps were held at a conservative level and optimised frequently to ensure included items were generating an acceptable return whilst learning.

Once the invisible products had then reached an adequate volume threshold, they were automatically transitioned back into the appropriate BAU campaign(s), optimised towards a margin dictated ROAS target.



  • 60 %
    Reduction in the number of products with zero impressions
  • 43 %
    Increase in the number of products that drove 10 sales or more
  • 30 %
    Higher average order value on invisible products
  • 75 %
    Of annual shopping revenue came from products previously identified as invisible


All of the above is strong evidence to show that these products could and should have been serving without intervention, but weren’t due to the lack of historical data and subsequent hesitance / refusal from smart bidding. Therefore if we hadn’t intervened, there would have been an enormous scale opportunity missed.

We’d strongly advise all retailers to check out how many products in their shopping feed are “invisible” and take action!

“The team at Journey Further have once again demonstrated their proactive and innovative approach to meeting our growth objectives”
Phil Hamlen, Omni-Retail Marketing Director