Case Study

Which way to Go?

Girl holding a GoHenry card and smiling with light red background

Client challenge

GoHenry is a US and UK-based financial technology company that provides a Visa debit card and financial education app for children aged 6 to 18.
GoHenry needed to grow fast but avoid historic costs associated with investment in TV and digital media.





We developed a data and analytics framework to inform what media was effective, what was wasted and which creative messaging performed best throughout the customer journey.

  • Integrated backend ‘beyond lead’ data into our marketing platforms, allowing GoHenry to optimise to actual customers rather than leads
  • Restructured their performance marketing accounts to inform audience and creative optimization
  • Ran a full A/B hold-out testing program – this approach garnered unparalleled insights into which audiences responded to which creative. For example we showed which ad drove a +17% improvement in purchase intent for male audiences and then weighted this ad on male-dominated channels across social platforms
  • Split these insights into both brand and performance. Journey Further recognised that not every creative has to convert there and then. Leveraging all the above, the agency could determine which creatives raised brand consideration and which creatives drove purchase


  • 64 %
    Increase in sign-ups