Case Study
Boots Hearingcare

Transforming bookings availability through strategic data-driven digital marketing

Client challenge

Like most brands, Boots Hearingcare came to us with ambitious growth targets. The brand needed to increase web bookings and optimise ad spend, without the need to increase investment.

Boots Hearingcare identified that web appointment availability data had the potential to unlock conversion rates – it just needed the right partner to collaborate on the right strategy.


Real-time tracking of appointment availability: We built a custom ETL application that extracts data from the Boots Hearingcare booking system and uploads to our data warehouse, enabling real-time monitoring and improved awareness of postcode level availability.

Understanding competitor influence: We monitored appointment availability from its competitors, integrating this information into our data model to evaluate the impact on Boots Hearingcare conversion rates.

Using predictive analytics to determine conversion impact: We used predictive analytics tools to quantify the effect of availability on conversion rates. Before live deployment, the model was validated on historical data, proving a low mean absolute percentage error and ensuring high accuracy.

Live, actionable insights: Using the same geospatial visualisation technology as Uber, we developed an interactive map for real-time inventory tracking. We supplied the Boots Hearingcare team with newfound data and live dashboards, empowering them to address and improve areas of stubborn low availability.

Automated location-based bidding: Leveraging our predictive model and a real-time Google Ads API integration, we dynamically adjusted conversion values at the postcode level to optimise bookings and streamline operations.

“Journey Further’s approach has made a huge difference to our business effectiveness. The activity has driven a significant improvement in the efficiency of our digital marketing and enabled us to drive customers to the right locations whilst also giving us greater visibility of web availability and we’re delighted to be working with them.”
Hazel Clark, Head of Demand Marketing at Boots Hearingcare


  • 31 %
    Surge in bookings
  • 20 %
    Cost saving in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

Future enhancements

We’re not stopping there; our data models are run regularly with richer and diverse data sources, and we’re looking to factor in more variables like the day of the week, weather, and drive times in our future explorations.

Impact statement

This approach has reshaped our digital marketing strategies, letting us fine-tune our efforts and significantly ramp up conversion rates, all while gaining a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour and store performance. It’s a fresh take on combining data science and strategic marketing, reshaping how we tackle digital marketing campaigns.