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Google Shopping


Our approach delivers results fast.

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We employ no client service team, instead you get direct access to the best analysts on the planet and complete data transparency.

This is how we increased Christy's non-brand Shopping revenue by 1407%.

How we do it


You need a specialist team to maximise return from Shopping - an experienced PPC analyst, a technical problem solver and a retail strategist.

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Shopping feed management

We know a thing or two about building shopping feeds, implementing them via the Content API for real-time updates.

We create supplementary feeds to enhance campaigns with your business data.

Campaign structure

Our detailed approach to campaign structures means that you’ll finally be in control of your Product Listing Ads campaigns.

We even have access to exclusive tech that allows us to generate 1-2-1 mappings between Shopping keywords and products.

What does this mean? Simply put - most agencies only bid at the product level, we bid on specific search terms.

Offline tracking

We’re experts in tracking Shopping to in-store footfall and purchases, working in partnership with Google to get you access to the latest betas.

We don’t just share this data but we act on it, driving more customers to store when it matters most.

Comparison Shopping Service (CSS)

We can give you access to a 3rd party Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) at no charge.

This move alone will save you up to 20% of your Google Shopping spend overnight.