Media Strategy

“Businesses need agencies acting as proactive creators and strategic doers. Not echo chambers of ‘How Brands Grow’ manuals or recitations of ‘Platform Best Practices’.”


Brands have become blinded by metrics, often desperate to optimise performance today at the expense of sustainable growth.

“Only through a deep understanding of a brand’s company, customers, competition, creative effectiveness and channel performance can a brand truly grow at pace and at scale.”

A diagram explaining the 4 C's. Customer, Company, Channel, Creative

Our Clients

Best and favourite agency we have ever worked with. We always leave calls feeling much smarter and knowledgeable than before.
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Challenges we solved

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Creating growth through the line

After analysing the brand’s customer data, we identified that we could create growth by extending their media activity across new regions and channels. The resulting through the line media activity scaled their revenue by 114%.

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Focusing investment on growth

Our analysis of media performance identified that there were significant opportunities to improve Evan’s return on investment.

  • Their media was significantly more efficient within a 25km radius of their stores
  • They over invested during the start of the biking season and under invested in Q4
  • 80% of their products did not drive a profitable LTV

Our revised strategy increased Evans ROAS by +25%.

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Creating scale through customer understanding

One of the country’s biggest animal charities wanted to scale. We analysed their 1st party and media data to identify who the customers were, which ones drove the highest lifetime value and how to reach them through relevant media investment.

This scaled media approach generated +300% conversions for the charity.

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We’ve built a team that combines deep agency and client business understanding to deliver against this opportunity