Marketing Science

“Our agency has unparalleled access to valuable data, as we manage tens of millions of customer touch points for our clients.”
Abbie Whitehead, Head of Marketing Science
Abbie with arms folded


We stitch together complex data sets into a single source of truth…

Our job is to find out what your customers really think about your company, competition, and what creative really resonates with them across which channels.

3rd party data
Premier partnership status gives us access to partner data from the likes of YouGov, Google, Meta and Similarweb.

1st party data
From R to Python, we have deep expertise enabling analysis for everything from CRM to transactional data.

Customer data
We utilise quant, qual and ethnographic research to get under the skin of the customer.

We create visualisations through Data Studio, Power BI or Tableau that tell power data stories. These stories lead to actionable insights and clear recommendations that drive performance.

Ways to work with us

Data Engineering
We have significant expertise in GA4 – having delivered numerous GA4 migrations over the last 3 months. In addition we’re specialists in BigQuery, R, and Python.

Data Analysis
We carry out bespoke analysis projects to help answer key business questions such as ‘what your pricing strategy should be’. We ensure your data is ‘marketing ready’ by adding key calculations like lifetime value.

Customer Segmentation
We create actionable customer segmentations that enable best-in-class media and creative strategy, ensuring we target the right customers with the right message through the right channel at the right time.

Brand Health Tracking
We create brand tracking reports to help you measure brand performance.

The audience insight provided by the data + insights team at Journey Further enabled us to re-evaluate our marketing strategy, allowing us to tailor our creative to new demographics. This insight and data was not only beneficial in targeting new customers, but evaluating the performance of existing channels as well.