Creative Strategy

“Creative Strategy removes the ambiguity of creative performance by giving you a strategic roadmap to follow and testable tactics to ensure your creative is working as hard as it can against your objectives.”
Lydia Hinchliff, Director of Strategy


Too often, the creative routes we pursue are biassed by the views of clients and agencies. Instead, we really get under the skin of the way customers think and feel. We do this by leveraging data from our Marketing Science team and combine this insight with a deep understanding of Behavioural Science.


Our direction provides the spark for creative ideation. We jointly create concepts that we think might catch fire. Through experimentation, we can discover what truly captures attention, what resonates with customers and what ultimately drives performance.

Challenges we solved


Ritter Sport logo purple

Driving distinctiveness in a crowded market

One of the world’s largest chocolate retailers was looking to cut through lower-awareness markets. They needed a distinct direction that stayed true to their brand ethos, and could cut across markets when localised. By working closely with their global marketing team, we developed a creative strategy that set a new and exciting direction for the brand’s coming years.

Ritter Sports Sloth advert
Basket Logo purple

Launching a brand new digital product

We were excited to work on a brand new app called Basket, and wanted to ensure we built creative assets that were just as impactful as the app itself. Working closely with the co-founders, we developed digital assets and a messaging framework to really drive an initial impact upon product launch.

Various logos illustrating how creative strategy can make you stand out

Our Clients

The Journey Further Team was a delight. The consumer analysis, current trends and the strategic thinking by the team has set the direction for a truly distinctive campaign to stand-out from the crowd of premium chocolate brands globally. I am looking forward to presenting the campaign platform to my international teams to accelerate the growth of Ritter Sport.
Malte, Global CMO of Ritter Sport

We’ve built a specialist team to deliver against this opportunity