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Leadership Robin
Leadership Robin Hover
You're welcome!

Robin Skidmore


The one who always asks 'what next?'

Robin co-founded Epiphany Search in 2005, growing the agency from 2-160 staff before it was acquired by Jaywing. He is an investor and advisor to several leading UK tech start-ups, including Everpress and Snaptrip.

Leadership Matt
Leadership Matt Hover
2 wheels better than 4

Matt Kwiecinski

Managing Director

The one who always asks ‘why?’

Matt spent 18 years in the Omnicom Group, where - as Managing Director of Agency Republic and Critical Mass - he helped the likes of O2, Jack Daniels and PlayStation leverage tech for business success.

Leadership Chris
Leadership Chris Hover
Better than Stevo at Mage Wars

Chris Rowett

Paid Media Director

Good At Numbers, Great At PPC - Call Now

Chris has worked in digital his whole career, managing seven-figure media budgets for brands like Virgin Holidays, Matches Fashion and ScS. Catch him either deep in a spreadsheet or in his natural habitat - up on stage at a big conference.

Leadership Dan
Leadership Dan Hover
Last climbed: Great Gable

Dan Peden

Strategy Director

Always joining the dots

Dan escaped the agency (and SEO) world to become Chief Insight Officer at Matalan Direct - linking up the omnichannel customer journey for the billion pound retailer. Now back in the fold, Dan aligns marketing strategy to business goals.

Meet the team

An amazing, talented and highly experienced team that inspire every day.

An amazing, talented and highly experienced team that inspire every day.

Team Amee
Team Amee Hover
Goal attack!

Aimee Wilkinson

Senior PPC Analyst

Team Neil 2
Team Neil Hover
And some Ops stuff too...

Neil Astin

Head of Rap & Quizzes

Team Catherine
Team Catherine Hover
LUFC forever

Catherine Hindle

Senior PPC Analyst

Team Steve B
Team Steve B Hover
Excel wizard


Senior Analyst

Team Jonny Longden
Team Jonny Longden Hover
Sein und Zeit

Jonny Longden

Conversion Director

Team Kim
Team Kim Hover
Beloved pet rabbits

Kim Harwood

Senior PPC Analyst

Team Steve
Team Steve Hover
Travelled the world with that mat

Steve Hughes

Senior PPC Analyst

Team Scott
Team Scott Hover

Scott Carruthers

Head of PPC

Team Beth
Team Beth Hover
Honorary scouser

Beth Nunnington

PR Director

Team Dan Nutter
Team Dan Nutter Hover
May The Nut be with you

Dan Nutter

Head of Technical SEO

Team Chris
Team Chris Hover

Chris Gorney

Client Strategy Director

Team Marc
Team Marc Hover
"Big in the frisbee game."

Marc Kay

Senior PPC Analyst

Team Krissy
Team Krissy Hover
#fizzyfridays lol

Krissy Semonella

Performance Content Manager

Team Tom
Team Tom Hover
Say cheese!

Tom Ruff

Senior Programmatic Analyst

Delivering performance marketing excellence for the UK's leading brands.
Meet the team
Team Tanya
Team Tanya Hover
Get your own

Tanya Oates

PR Strategist

Team Alex 01
Team Alex Hover

Alex Postance

Organic Director

Team Steve W
Team Steve W Hover 02
Spicing it up down south

Steve Walker

SEO Director

Team Rhiannon
Team Rhiannon Hover
Jar a week

Rhiannon Young

Content Editor

Team Jonathan
Team Jonathan Hover
Avid morris dancer (no, seriously)

Jonathan Hemingway

Paid Social Analyst

Team Gaby
Team Gaby Hover
Cin cin!

Gaby Smith

PR Strategist

Team John
Team John Hover
Fat lad at the back

John McManus

Senior PPC Analyst

Team Ed 01
Team Ed Hover
Head of Rain & Manchester

Ed Blakeway

Head of Display, Video & Social

Team Vic Morton 01
Team Vic Morton Hover
The look of love...

Vic Morton

PR Manager

Team Andy 01
Team Andy Hover
Some fancy coffee contraption

Andy Johnson

Client Strategist

Team Helen 01
Team Helen Hover
Don't mess!

Helen Dooner

PPC Executive

Team Chris Jones 01
Team Chris Jones Hover
Come on you reds!

Chris Jones

PPC Analyst

Team Sam 01
Team Sam Hover

Sam Renfrew

Lead Optimisation Developer

Team Sandra 01
Team Sandra Hover

Sandra Blaschke

PPC Analyst

Team Jess 01
Team Jess Hover
Ice Ice Baby!

Jess Stanley

SEO Analyst

Team Magnolia 01
Team Magnolia Hover
Spice girl

Magnolia Carvajal

Conversion Specialist

Team Nyall 01
Team Nyall Hover
Uncanny resemblance

Nyall Novakovic

PPC Executive

Hand Holding Book
Queen of Books

Isabelle Wilkinson

Community & Growth Manager

Team Victoria C
Team Victoria C Hover
DIY hero

Victoria Clayton

Content Marketing Manager

Team Will A
Team Will A Hover
Braai Master

Will Anderson

Head of Growth

Team Katie 01
Team Katie Hover
Name a more iconic duo

Katie Kirk

Marketing Executive

Team Jamie
Team Jamie Hover
Small club done good

Jamie Pollard

Growth Manager

Team Jimmy
Team Jimmy Hover
Our Captain Fun

Jimmy Blair

Talent & Wellbeing Manager

Team Nathan
Team Nathan Hover
Have these stopped making sense?

Nathan Brush

Head of Marketing

Ready to challenge convention?