Emotion by Design with ex-CMO of Nike, Greg Hoffman

Greg Hoffman author of Emotion by Design

A few days before the release of his debut book, we spoke with Greg Hoffman, former CMO at Nike, about his 28-year tenure at one of the world’s best-loved brands. 


The ‘emotion by design’ framework is based on simple principles:

  • Seek out the daydreamers and take them seriously
  • Turn a simple campaign into a global movement by empowering your fans
  • Recognise that visionary ideas don’t just come from ingenious individuals, but from whole cultures of innovation


Greg talked to us about how we can unleash creativity and create art within our marketing, and how brands can authentically add to cultural movements.

Want to understand more about how your favourite campaigns came to life? From Nike’s work with Colin Kaepernick, The Last Game, Find Your Greatness, and the iconic Dreams poster, Greg shares the ‘emotion by design’ framework he followed throughout his career at Nike.