Data Specialist

We’re looking for a Data Specialist to deliver clarity at speed and grow our data needs.

The role

What you will do

  • Design the web and app analytics processes for implementation and troubleshooting
  • Build, develop and leverage Google Apps Scripts
  • Connect different data solutions to drive business insights
  • Create customer data models and analyse customer purchasing behaviours
  • Lead the dashboard creation for data visualisation
  • Always go the extra mile, surprising and delighting your clients


  • You’re an expert in web analytics systems, especially Google Analytics
  • You are proficient in data analysis and comfortable presenting it back to clients
  • You know how to write your own scripts using relevant technologies, such as Python, SQL or Javascript
  • You’re super inquisitive and love problem solving
  • You’re extremely ambitious and never settle for OK


  • Leeds
  • Manchester


Think you’re up to the job?

Get in touch below and Jimmy will respond as soon as he can.