PPC Analyst

We’re looking for a PPC Analyst to deliver clarity at speed across our paid search accounts.

The role

What you will do

  • Work directly with your clients to explain & help them understand how Paid Search performance and business data deliver strong results
  • Work as part of a team to manage significant campaigns day in, day out
  • In-depth analysis on big data sets to identify trends and drive performance
  • Audit accounts, devise PPC strategies and pitch for new business
  • Always go the extra mile, surprising and delighting your clients


  • You eat Google Ads and Excel for breakfast
  • You’re extremely ambitious and never settle for OK
  • You love to learn and help others do the same
  • You’ve probably been a master of PPC for 2 years or more


  • Leeds
  • Manchester


Think you’re up to the job?

Get in touch below and Jimmy will respond as soon as he can.