Wellies, tent, … TikTok

Festival season is upon us with Glastonbury kicking off at the end of this month. These immersive experiences bring people together and can be a great opportunity to grab festival goers attention. 


The prep 

In the pre-event phase, 42% of festive shoppers indulge in research and discovery of products. The lead up to each event finds a stream of content around festival prep from outfit ideas to packing guides. With 64% of Gen Z turning to TikTok as a search engine, social media is the best place to capture consumers looking for festival inspiration. To reach potential consumers in this period, brands can utilise customised content and targeted ads that cater to shoppers’ needs and preferences. Instead of pushing their products, brands should think about how their products can enhance festival goers’ experience, such as ‘How to make your self-tan and make-up last the full weekend?’ or ‘need help wearing your Doc Martens in?’ 


Think outside the box

Engage with creators to showcase your products in action at festivals by having creators document their festival experience, share tips and utilise your product or service. Rather than just inviting creators, brands should make it an enhanced personal experience so that creators talk naturally about your brand. This is more of a product placement approach so that the partnership is perceived as authentic. Poppi x ‘Coachearla’ is a perfect example of this. The soda drink company invited Alix Earle to Coachella but instead of filling a house full of other creators they let her choose a group of her friends to join. The house was a fully immersive experience with branding throughout. 40% of Alix’s content from the festival featured Poppi, from holding a can, a branded background in a GRWM to wearing branded merchandise. Following the weekend, Poppi had a 200% boost in sales. Brands can take learning from this and give creators a 360 experience that they’ll want to talk about. 


What we’re loving 

Barbour jackets are a festival staple, with fashion icons such as Alex Chung sporting their wax jackets at UK festivals. This year Barbour are making an official Glastonbury appearance by partnering with Oxfam Festivals to create, sell and rent limited edition re-loved jackets and bucket hats. These one-of-a-kind Barbours are made using materials and fabrics from past Glastonbury merchandise. With all proceeds going to Oxfam, this initiative gives festival-goers an opportunity to be both stylish and eco-friendly. As our client, we’re running festival ads across the funnel during the festival lead up to drive traffic and sales. We’ll ramp up during the festival period to take advantage of celebs and creators wearing the re-loved Barbour items at Glastonbury. We love this unique partnership and can’t wait to see how it performs! 


Don’t forget that festivals and in-person events are a fantastic way to showcase your products in the wild. Why not call out to your lovely customers and offer them complimentary products in return for some UGC? 


If you want to chat about getting your products into the fan’s hands, get in touch.