We sent our entire PPC team to Google HQ

Journey Further PPC team

We sent our entire PPC team to the Google EU HQ in Dublin, to collaborate with Google specialists on tools, techniques and best practices.

Go BTS of Google HQ on the two-day trip, as we deep-dive into the world of PPC, discussing everything from international growth, search excellence, the importance of a strong Google x Agency partnership, and how AI is becoming increasingly beneficial for PPC growth.

Alongside hearing from Google, many of the team presented their work to Google professionals, to get first-hand feedback and insight from the integral partner.

“So we’ve brought the full PPC team over to Dublin, to collaborate better with Google, who are a really, really important partner for us. We have an important debate culture within the PPC team, and we wanted to extend that to Google. So talking through their latest products. Talking through our proposition. Talking through specific elements of growing clients, whether that be international growth, whether that be achieving excellence within search, getting Google’s thoughts on our way of working, and whether that aligns with what they see as best practice, whether they see that aligning with best in class, and how we can grow and progress from there.Scott Carruthers, Head of PPC.

“This has been months in the planning, in fact years in working with Journey Further. It was the perfect opportunity to bring our teams together, create greater alignment, greater collaboration, and just debating products, strategies, how we work better together. Journey Further were a lot smaller when we started to work together. And so it’s amazing to see the team grow, get to know everybody on a more personal basis. And now this is our chance to extend that to the wider Google team.”  Claire McElligott, Strategic Agency Developmeny, Google.