Unlocking international results using Country & Language Feeds

Global Paid Social Strategy

Going global with your Paid Social strategy isn’t always simple, and creating a new product catalogue for every territory in which you operate could be a tedious task. Throw in copy translation, changing currencies and landing page URLs and you’d be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed. However, it’s no secret that campaigns are becoming more automation-heavy (with Meta rolling out Advantage+ products throughout 2022). We also know that feed-based dynamic product ads (DPAs) are a crucial part of most successful ecommerce strategies.

Meta allows us to automate the localisation of DPAs using Country & Language Feeds, and we took the opportunity to test them. 

What are Country and Language Feeds?

Within Meta, Country and Language Feeds are additional files (spreadsheets) that are uploaded to supplement your main catalogue. Your main catalogue features a default language and currency (e.g. English, GBP) and each supplementary feed should provide a localised version of the same product data (e.g. French, EUR). You can then utilise your 1 catalogue in ad sets with multi-country targeting, and when the ads serve they will pull through the product details in the correct language and currency based on the user’s location and browsing settings.


International prices


In addition to being a convenient way to localise your ads at scale, adopting the use of Country and Language Feeds also allows for more streamlined, simplified campaign structures. This will increase the efficiency and liquidity of your campaigns, which is advantageous for getting out of the learning phase quicker and leaning into machine learning (allowing  real-time optimisations and budget fluidity).


Non-dynamic and dynamic options for set-up


You might want to test Country and Language Feeds if:

  • You are selling products in multiple countries 
  • You currently run separate campaigns/ad sets for different countries
  • You currently have a different product catalogue per currency/language


Our results

On an ecommerce account here at Journey Further we were tasked with expanding our Meta activity to generate revenue outside of the UK (in Ireland, Netherlands, Australia, Canada & the US). We set up Country and Language Feeds and used them in new DABA & Dynamic Retargeting campaigns, to reach in-market and already-engaged users, and drive new customers to the client’s site. We targeted all the new territories together in the same ad sets, serving a mixture of carousel and collection DPAs. Return on ad spend (ROAS) on the international activity was over 6, above target and stronger than the UK’s like-for-like campaigns, with a 14% lower customer acquisition cost (CaC). On the DABA campaign specifically, international ROAS was equal to the UK, with a 36% lower CaC. After introducing the international expansions, across all dynamic activity within the account, we saw a 29% reduction in CPM, 14% reduction in CPC, 30% reduction in CPA and a 50% ROAS increase.


Meta’s Help Center has technical guidance on creating and managing Country and Language feeds.