Met Gala takeaways for brand success

With #metgala having 757k posts on TikTok,  it has evolved from a fundraising event to a key cultural moment on social media. The Met Gala social success can be valuable inspiration for brands looking to boost brand awareness, reach and conversion. Here are some key learnings you can integrate into your marketing strategy.


Creators get Anna Wintour’s seal of approval 

The Met Gala guest list was once exclusively dominated by fashion figures, actors and singers, but in recent years, social media influencers have increasingly adorned the carpet. With the rise of the creator economy, the Met Gala has embraced engaging with influencers by inviting them to attend, and having TikTok as the official sponsor. By leveraging the value of influencers’ audience reach and relationships, the Met Gala stays culturally and socially relevant. Many fashion brands, including Schiaparelli and Jean Paul Gaultier, have also collaborated with influencers to create custom designer looks this year to enhance their brand visibility, both on and off the carpet. This increased creator participation highlights the importance of working with creators to keep your brand at the forefront of social. 

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Behind-the-scenes buzz

As the event is not televised, people rely on attendees and sponsors to get a glimpse at the content. Vogue BTS social content offers a sneak peek into the creative process and guest preparation, revealing the unseen side that audiences love. With consumers valuing authenticity more than ever, brands can emulate this approach by showing customers what goes on behind the scenes, from product creation to a day in the life at your company. Sharing more raw and authentic content gives consumers an insight into your brand personality and, therefore, strengthens consumer engagement and loyalty.


Creators are doing it ALL 

Rather than just posting Met Gala content on social media, creators are playing a much bigger role at the event. From guests and interviewees to brand ambassadors – we’re seeing more diverse creator collaborations. Pop culture creators Estefanía Pessoa and Reece Feldman were TikTok correspondents, while Emma Chamberlain interviewed for Vogue, all bringing their candid and witty content styles to the carpet. This digitally native approach makes their audience feel like they are part of the event, with snippets of these interviews going viral. Dynamic creator participation at the Met Gala represents a wider trend of brands giving influencers creative freedom to authentically show up, as well as bringing these partnerships off the grid to real-life events. 


Get involved in cultural commentary 

Met Gala content flooded social feeds, with creators sharing live updates and commentary on guests’ looks. With TikTok as the main sponsor, the once-exclusive event has become more accessible, with millions of people watching live Met Gala content on the platform. TikTok hosted a #MetGala Watch Party with creators from around the world sharing real-time reactions. The successful amplification of the Met Gala across socials provides a lesson for brands to capitalise on the virality of cultural events without needing to engage in expensive endorsements. Work with creators who can comment on trending events and link your brand to these moments. For example, ask your audience to comment on their favourite looks or work with creators to recreate Met Gala inspired looks. 

We can take inspiration from the cultural significance of events like the Met Gala to drive awareness and growth for your brand. These key takeaways highlight the importance of keeping your finger on the pulse and inserting your brand into trending conversations. 


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