Key takeaways from Google Marketing Live 2023

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Google has been an AI first company since 2016, and it’s been a key part of Google Ads since then. The First AI native products were RSAs and RDAs in 2028, followed by Performance Max in 2021.

At Google Marketing Live 2023, it was announced that AI is the next big shift to power innovation and growth & profitability. This won’t come as a surprise to brands and advertisers due to the growing influence AI has had in recent years, but it is going to continue to present a lot of amazing opportunities for marketers later in 2023 and beyond.


The key takeaways


  • Search

Conversational AI will help to write new ad copy to fuel Responsive Search Ads and creative time and improve resource efficiencies. This process will involve providing the URL, and from there, Google will use AI to generate a business description. This can be edited if required, but next it will start to suggest headlines, descriptions and keywords based on the available information. A question might then be asked about product benefits or how a particular service can help the customer in order to provide more suggestions. During this process, the ad strength will become stronger as the AI will have ensured that all ad assets are as relevant as possible.


  • Performance Max

Advertisers will be overjoyed at the news that additional features for Performance Max campaigns will start to become available in the near future. 

These include:

  • Downloadable search term insights
  • The ability to set date ranges outside of the current limits of the last 7 or 28 days
  • More asset insights to help better understand how different audiences are resonating the creative
  • An experiments beta which will arrive later in 2023 will enable advertisers to test different bid strategies, asset group structures and creative
  • AI image creation using the Google Product Studio will create new images to display your products or show off your brand


  • Demand Gen Campaigns

A brand new campaign type named Demand Generation campaigns has been announced, and they will help reach consumers in the mid/upper funnel across YouTube (including Shorts), The Discover Feed & Gmail. 

Advertisers using these campaigns will have access to brand-new audiences with AI powered lookalike segments. In addition to this, audiences can be tailored to specific creatives to deliver the most relevant message. 

The beta for Demand Gen campaigns will be available globally in a couple of months.


  • Analytics & Measurement

First Party data strategies will become key to driving growth – this statement isn’t new and won’t come as a surprise to many, but Google has listened to concerns about making it easier to improve measurement capabilities.

These include:

  • New data integrations to make it easier to import 1P data and connect data sources to Google Ads
  • Unlock insights with the ads data hub for marketers while preserving new privacy considerations
  • Can find out how different audiences are interacting with your ads across the Google network
  • Build GA4 audiences directly in Google Ads, including predictive audiences
  • Simplifying the way conversion based customer lists can be created in Google ads providing that enhanced conversions have been implemented
  • AI Essentials


The key takeaway for us is that the role of the marketer is going to continue to evolve – AI requires great inputs and an excellent understanding of your Brand to be able to produce this new creative. You have to continue to help it iterate and make sure it’s representing your brand effectively!