How to save thousands on your ad spend

Navigating the retail landscape today is no easy task, posing challenges for both brick-and-mortar and online sellers. Acquiring new customers has evolved into a daunting and costly endeavor, compounded by the ongoing threat of economic pressures, putting the continual squeeze on profit margins. Tinkering with platform levers isn’t enough; a radical shift in approach is required.


Customer Discovery

Audience personas often fall short of providing actionable insights. By integrating first-party data (1PD) and insight-driven tools, we craft audience profiles that outline the total addressable market (TAM) and provide valuable data for forecasting growth. Outdated approaches reliant on demographics simply don’t meet the requirements of modern media. We must understand motivations, behavior, influencers, and strategic alignment with your brand to unlock growth.


Comms Playbook

Once you’ve uncovered customer opportunities, the next stage involves distilling these insights into resonant messaging. This process demands a comprehensive understanding of the specific jobs to be done for the creative and media across audience segments throughout their journey. Tailoring messaging to the appropriate channels and customer mindsets while ensuring you keep your “red thread” of an overarching brand message becomes paramount to create compelling customer moments. The synergy between creative and media must be finely tuned to capitalize on these pivotal moments you have with your potential customers.


Optimizing Touchpoints

With a comprehensive understanding of context, the groundwork for planning can begin. Every interaction with your brand represents an opportunity to make an impression on your target audience, emphasizing the need to consider each touch and understand its integrated impacts before allocating resources.

Analyze which factors truly move the needle for both immediate and enduring impacts. It’s essential to invest in areas where the effects not only manifest quickly but also compound over time. By understanding the intricacies of the touchpoints and their collective impact, you position yourself to make informed decisions to optimize your returns that multiply in the long run.


Journeying Further

If you’re wondering how to implement this approach with your brand, our ‘Sustain. Ability’ paper delves into how brands in the sustainable retail space can effectively communicate with their audience. Download the paper today to discover where to play and how to win in the evolving retail landscape.


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