Boosting conversion rate with location inserts


Ad copy. Its relevancy to a search is vital, but what’s the best way to do this if campaigns are split by location? Use Location inserts. 

Location inserts let you tailor your responsive search ad text to your customers’ locations, regular locations or locations of interest. 

The campaigns in one of our lead gen accounts are broken down by counties across the UK, and each of these has a high amount of competition. Using Greater Manchester as an example – this area has a lot of smaller towns, so using a headline such as ‘Manchester Windows’ isn’t specific enough. Location Inserts provided an opportunity to tailor ad messaging to the user’s specific location, whether that be Stockport or Salford. 


Before location inserts, searching from Oldham:

Before location inserts


After location inserts, searching from Oldham: 

After location inserts


Greater Manchester was used as the test location due to its high levels of traffic and the diverse number of areas which can be targeted. Location Inserts were tested for 43 days using 50/50 experiments on both the Exact Match Keyword & Broad Match Keyword campaigns. This might seem like a long period of time, but it meant we were able to drive a significant amount of data through the experiments in order to determine significant results. 



The overall results were very positive, as there was an uplift across key metrics. 


    • 18% lower on the Exact experiment
    • 5% lower on the Broad experiment



    • 29% higher on the Exact experiment
    • 50% higher on the Broad experiment



    • 5.1% higher on the Exact experiment
    • 1.7% higher on the Broad experiment


Conversion Rate

    • 36% higher on the Exact experiment 
    • 78% higher on the Broad experiment


Cost Per Conversion

    • 40% reduction on the Exact experiment
    • 47% reduction on the Broad experiment


Next steps

It was very interesting to see such a stark change in the conversion metrics, especially when adding a location insert was the only change that was made. This demonstrates how important ad messaging can be in a user’s conversion path as it helped to build that initial trust that the service they are searching for is available in their area.

It was a no-brainer to roll this out across all locations for each product type. Utilising Location Inserts with unpinned headlines provides a really nice mix to what Google can put together – this is an alternative to using two static headlines if you also wanted to use keyword-based headlines.

If you want to learn more about how you can adopt a local approach into your Google Ads account, get in touch.