Our biggest UK agency event ever

Biggest UK agency event

Our biggest UK agency event got even BIGGER! Introducing, Clarity at Speed Day 2023.

170+ of our UK team filled the Everyman Cinema in Leeds to discuss, debate and present our views on how the agency can continue to grow, improve and better live our company values.

Hear from our UK CEO Matt Kwiecinski and Head of Culture Neil Astin on why the day is so important to our values and culture.

With teams from all of our UK office locations getting together under one roof, it was our biggest UK agency event to date – and we made the most of it.

“We’ve changed quite a bit since the last Clarity at Speed Day. We’ve grown from 50 people, to well over 170 now. Despite the difference, there’s one real consistency which I think is really important to call out, and that’s the importance of getting everybody together to focus on our purpose and values, and to work out how we create a better way of doing business. That’s the thing that makes you most proud.”  Matt Kwiecinski, UK CEO.

After a morning of insight-packed discussions, we then embarked on two days of incredible activities: alpaca walking, paintball, go-karting, baking, manicures, escape rooms, bowling, skiing, wine tasting and so much more…