Are you utilising full funnel creator activity?

If creators open the door for brands to reach a target audience, then creator licensing is the megaphone to make sure the message is loud and clear. 

What is creator licensing? 

Creator licensing is when a creator gives advertising permissions to a brand to use their handle, audience, and content. Done via Spark Ads on TikTok and Branded Content Ads on Meta, it typically involves putting paid spend behind a creator’s post and using it as part of a paid social campaign. 

Why do it? 

By combining the power of paid social targeting with creator trust, brand’s are able to: 

  • Reach all the right people, including and beyond the creator’s followers
  • Leverage more native-looking content which we know people engage and trust over brands
  • Creators make engaging content and licensing allows for light-touch modification e.g. adding a CTA such as a link to site to capture engaged audiences and encourage conversion

By doing this, we  are able to utilise creator content across the funnel from maximising reach through to performance-driven results (typically at a lower cost and with stronger results than brand-owned content). 

Don’t just take our word for it  

Take a look at the results we’ve generated for clients:

  • Portmeirion Meta Ads // 75% increase in CTR
  • Virgin Money Meta and Spark Ads // 16k links clicks to site 
  • learndirect Spark Ads // 362% ROAS

The best part? 

Journey Further’s Influencer and Paid Media teams have 50+ experts to make sure that you’re leveraging your organic influencer strategy and utilising creator content to achieve your goals.