Journey Further was born out of opportunity and frustration

“When we looked across the agency landscape we saw an industry we loved, but at times a lack of integrity. In 2017 we therefore started a business that was hell bent on acting according to its values – we called this approach ‘clarity at speed’. Our values driven business attracted like-minded people who wanted to challenge the status quo and as a result they created the remarkable: the fastest growing agency in Europe and one of the best businesses to work for.”

Journey Further Founders

Our Journey

3 people
  • Journey Further is born

11 people
  • Early days Office 2017

    The journey begins in a corridor somewhere between a lingerie company and a recruitment business.

  • The quickest business on Google’s books to be awarded Google Premier Partner status.

  • An unhealthy biscuit obsession begins (the biscuit club spreadsheet is born).

30 people
  • Leeds Office 2018

    Moved into Leeds Dock – a space designed by our people for our people.

  • Launched one of the most valuable marketing communities – The Journey Further Book Club.

  • Office becomes obsessed with HQ Trivia.

  • 2018 London Office

    Opened our first London office.

  • Paid Media Director and Head of Marketing perform Spice Girls at Brighton SEO karaoke (poor quality video is available).

  • Summer Smash 2018

    Surfed Snowdonia (but not sure we’ll ever be invited back).

  • Jimmy launches Journey Further news.

51 people
  • Office Space 2019

    Opened our first Manchester office.

  • Our first Clarity at Speed Day – special guest appearance from Evil Smoking Man.

  • Launched (Not Just a) Grad Scheme.

  • Very short lived launch of “Chicken Parmo” club.

  • Journey Further Podcast 2019

    Started the Journey Further Podcast – interviewing the likes of Bruce Daisley and Sam Conniff.

73 people
  • Survived the COVID-19 pandemic and brought everyone back from furlough early.

  • Billy Truswell Videographer

    Launched ‘Join the Journey’ (our vlog).

  • Santa dropping off presents

    A very different Christmas party – surprise CEO Santa deliveries, Sean Paul addresses Journey Further and an Employee Christmas Movie that will never be forgotten.

146 people
  • Named in the top 10 best places to work in the UK (by our employees).

  • Fastest Growing

    Named the Fastest Growing Agency in Europe.

  • Campaign Agency of the Year Global

    Named Campaign’s Global Performance Marketing Agency of the Year.

  • Three Hours Free launches (take a break/do what you want to).

  • After an enforced break… the return of the Summer Smash.

168 people
  • A presentation in the Manchester Office

    Moved to a bigger Manchester office.

  • Campaign’s #1 Mid Sized Place to Work 2022.

  • Journey Further 2022 (not just a) Grad Scheme

    10 new grads accepted onto our (Not Just a) Grad Scheme.

  • We become obsessed with Wordle.

  • Opened our first US office – hello New York.

173 people
  • We move into our new London home.