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Our philosophy

Technology and Data have the power to enhance and confuse - this is certainly true in the world of PPC, Programmatic and Paid Social.

It’s time for change!

We believe that everyone will benefit from greater clarity. If a client understands biddable media as well as their agency, there’ll be no opportunity to hide, but more opportunity to drive performance. Together we can cut through the noise and focus on what matters.

And change needs to happen fast.

We obsess about speed. The speed at which we deliver clarity, the speed of change and the opportunities it presents, the speed we need to travel to meet our ambitious objectives.

Journey Further – clarity at speed drives previously unthinkable results.

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We’ve been there, done that, changed the game and bought the t-shirt.

We took our first journey together 12 years ago, creating one of the most exciting and celebrated agencies in our class. You’ll struggle to find a more accomplished biddable media team, especially one that has worked together cohesively for over a decade.

We’re extremely proud of the work we’ve delivered in partnership with some of world’s best brands.

Above & Beyond

Leading The way


I’ve worked in digital my whole career. I launched my first agency in 2005 and started a remarkable journey. As one of the fastest growing in the sector, we grew organically from 2 to 160 staff in 8 years, turning over in excess of £9 million (agency fees) from offices in Leeds, London and Sydney.

Having now sold that business, I am joined again by some of the brightest talent in the industry. Together we are determined to disrupt the tired agency-client ‘partnership’ model that simply isn’t working.

Journey Further is a team of highly ambitious, highly skilled individuals providing a refreshing tonic to the typical agency approach. Drop me a line to hear more.


For almost 2 decades I’ve worked for some of the best digital agencies in the industry.

I’m extremely proud of the 18 years I’ve spent in the Omnicom network. In my capacity as Managing Director I’ve helped many of the UK’s leading companies leverage innovation for business success.

Tech innovation has always excited me. I love to explore how we can mix customer centric thinking with the latest technologies. How we can mix empathy and data in the pursuit of excellence.

Journey Further gives our team and our partners the opportunity to explore new frontiers.


I have 10 years of direct PPC & display experience, managing seven-figure budgets for brands across various sectors.

While the biddable media industry has developed exponentially in recent times, the fundamentals of analysis and data science stand firm.

My passion lies in delivering continued growth for brands. Short-term success is one thing, but long-term impact on the bottom line is what really matters.

It is my mission to grow and nurture Journey Further’s analysts into the leading group of biddable media experts in the UK.


I have over 10 years’ experience in analytics, data and search marketing, in both an agency environment and for a major UK retailer.

I enjoy experimenting and pushing the boundaries of technology, having partnered with Google to implement the latest omnichannel techniques.

Now more than ever it’s vital for brands to understand their single customer view and bridge the gap between online and offline purchase behaviour.

At Journey Further, we have the freedom to explore a wide range of leading technologies to maximise the impact of our partners’ media spend.


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